Start Ups

5 Go-To Resources For Startups

By Dan Eyman

June 13, 2016

We work with startups all the time and thought we would highlight a few resources that we have not only come across but also checked out and think every startup could benefit by accessing:

1. Y Combinator Startup Library: Good place to start for all things startup. They have articles written by them and others. Book suggestions, SAFE documents, and a short list of tools.

2. VentureApp: These guys are not only great to utilize but are also backed by a great team and we have nothing but great things to say about them. VentureApp is a marketplace to connect with the products, solutions, and people who can help your business. So if you need a 409A valuation, HR consulting, a marketing firm, etc…you can put in your request and get leads from curated and vetted vendors to provide these services.

3. DLA Piper NEST: We had the pleasure of connecting with a few attorneys from this program and were thoroughly impressed. They have launched this program with the startup in mind. Here is how they describe the program “The NEST is where starts-ups access the best in emerging growth legal services and advice. DLA Piper created the NEST to serve the specific needs of early-stage, high growth companies. In the NEST, we couple technology with proven processes to provide efficient legal services when companies need them most. The NEST program is a unified approach focused on nurturing start-ups from formation to funding and on to a high-growth flight path.” Good stuff!

4. Capyx: This company allows you to manage your cap table no matter what your size. The platform allows you to issue securities, track employee option grants, manage 409a valuations, request board approvals and more. They are a great team and the product is a great platform.

5. Freebie Supply: This is a list of 400 awesome free tools to help build your business. This is part of the Growth Supply newsletter from Ali Mese about growing an online business. A lot of free resources for you here and I’m sure you can find a useful tool or two. Also check out his newsletter, great stuff.


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