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Meld Valuation brings to the field

a unique blend of reputable, authoritative, and full-scope valuation services offered at a price with which the overhead- laden big four firms simply can’t compete.

The business community in need of valuation services find they must choose between two distinctly different types of providers;


A crowded field of cheap, limited-scope firms promising “fast and easy” service at a fraction of the cost, but with a conspicuous lack of evident defensibility, rigor, and understanding of risk profiles.


Large, national firms known for their hefty price tags.

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A super solution

A firm that combines the best of both worlds – a firm that’s been gaining ground among the nation’s leaders by serving companies large and small while delivering exceptional defensibility, responsiveness, rigor, and thought leadership.

Our Team

With over 30 years of combined experience, our staff offers a unique blend of expertise and technology. We’ve been told this combination uniquely supports our clients’ needs, but we believe our hands on experience and knowledge are the foundation for the specialized services we offer.


A message from our managing director

I started this firm to serve not only your company but you as well. Too often I saw other firms overcharging for services and valuations when they did not understand the risk profile or have the technical rigour to properly value the underlying asset. I recognized the growing need for a “the third choice” in valuation services tailored to your unique needs. We aim to be of service both personally and professionally. I hope that we will work together and if I can help you in anyway then please reach out.

Be well,

Dan Eyman

Daniel Eyman

Managing Director
of Meld Valuation