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6 Podcasts About VC we are Listening to and You Should Too!

By Dan Eyman

June 24, 2016

Twenty Minute VC – (~20 min) Hosted by Harry Stebbings – This is just like it sounds, twenty minute interviews with venture capital investors and each podcast follows a succinct format, intro, interview, and then a quick fire round of questions.

Acquired – (~50min) Podcast about acquisitions, mostly tech, that you have most likely heard or read about. Ben Gilbert (Pioneer Square Labs) and David Rosenthal (Madrona Venture Group) give there perspective on the acquisition and why it made sense and what made it successful. There is one episode about the failed attempted acquisition of Snapchat by Facebook that is particularly interesting. They also have a slack channel, go and join.

Venture Studio – (~40 min) I just recently add this one to my list. I know how popular it is but I only have so many hours in my day! But I heard nothing but great things about this podcast. This one is based out of New York City and hosted by Dave Lerner, entrepreneur, angel investor, and Director of Entrepreneurship @ Columbia University. I’m looking forward to listening more. Dave Lerner interviews the angels & venture capitalists that comprise New York City’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Full Ratchet – (~30 min) Hosted by Nick Moran (New Stack Ventures & Moran Capital Partners). Nick interviews investors on everything from “What is an Angel?” to “What ratios and monthly recurring revenue levels are exepcted for a Series A SaaS investment?” Top quality guests and topics. Typically around 20-30 minute time investment.

Origins – (~50 min) This is a podcast about Limited Partners (LPs) created by Notation Capital. Limited Partners are the firms that invest into venture capital funds. This is a lesser known part of the startup ecosystem. Given we work a lot with funds here we enjoy getting the perspective.  Nick Chirls and Alex Lines from Notation Capital host.

Ok….so this last one is not about venture capital but I love it to much to not bring it to your attention.

On Being – The Big Questions of Meaning (~50 min). Hosted by Krista Tippett. How can you not want to listen to this? Venture (get it..) out of your own space and world for a while. This is one of my favorite non-business podcasts. Interviews with everyone from Bhuddist monks, political activists, writers, musicians, etc….Material like this will give you a different perspective and views into worlds other than your own. I have found that I ultimately am able to draw value and solve a problem I’m working on more creatively and efficiently by listening to material from Krista’s show. Also, if all you care about is business you have bigger problems to address.

Round up of Some Recently Read and Awesome Blog Posts

How Venture Capital Works by yours truly.

Demystifying VC Economics by Andy Rachleff who is a co-founder and executive chairman of Wealthfront.

So That’s How VC Works by Sahil Kholsa wrote this while at Open View Venture Partners as an intern.

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